Craft Cannabis and Nature’s Key: Committed to Patients

In recent years, Oklahoma has emerged as a focal point for the ever-evolving cannabis industry in the United States. Among the many players in this burgeoning market, one company stands out for its commitment to providing high-quality, medical cannabis products: Nature’s Key Edibles. In this blog post, we will delve into the history of this Oklahoma-based company and explore the benefits of their medical cannabis products.

 Natural Beginnings

Owned and operated in Oklahoma, Craft Cannabis grew from the need for consistency and leadership in the local cannabis community. Known for quality from day one, Craft will continue improving the experience for all patients.

Nature’s Key Edibles has commitment to the wellbeing of the community. With a variety of products to treat specific ailments, finding something just right for you is a sure thing!

Both brands have a common goal: provide Oklahomans with access to safe, effective, and natural alternatives for managing a variety of medical conditions.

Oklahoma Cannabis Industry 

Oklahoma’s cannabis industry has grown rapidly since the legalization of medical marijuana in 2018. The state’s patient-friendly regulations have attracted a diverse array of cultivators, processors, and dispensaries. Nature’s Key Edibles, as a processor, played a pivotal role in ensuring patients had access to reliable and consistent cannabis products. Offering broad and full spectrum medicine with lower doses and a variety of ratios has been beneficial to those suffering from pain, anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia. No to mention the relief from other rigorous treatments.

Craft Cannabis has been cultivating since 2018 and opening new storefronts every couple years. Now with 3 locations, patients in all areas of OKC have easy access to premium flower and only the best brands like Nature’s Key.

The Product Lineup

Nature’s Key Edibles offers an extensive range of medical cannabis products, each carefully crafted to address specific patient needs. These products include edibles, capsules, and topical treatments. Their commitment to quality and consistency is evident in every offering.


                               Sour Green Apple 1000mg Full Spectrum THC Gummies Product ImageBerry Heaven 250mg Full Spectrum THC Gummies Product ImageTropical 100mg Full Spectrum THC Gummies Product Image

Crafted with precision and passion, these gummies encapsulate a healthy approach to life that help our patients experience the true richness of cannabis.


Unleash a beast of flavor and euphoria with Nature’s Key Monster Bite Gummies! (HOTEL IN OKC)



A doctor-derived proprietary blend of CBD, CBN, and other botanicals with the anticipated effects of reducing anxiety and mitigating symptoms of PTSD.

Battle Buddy is a friend in your pocket—a product designed to relax an overactive nervous system, temper stress, bring down your blood pressure and balance your nervous system to prevent spiraling out of control.


Watermelon 25:5 500mg CBD : 100mg THC Product ImageTropical 1:1 500mg CBD : 500mg THC Product ImageSingle Serve Meta Dose Gummy! 50mg THC / 25mg CBD / 2 CBG - Tropical Product ImageSingle Serve Strawberry 10:25 100mg CBD : 250mg THC Product Image

Pure & Gluten-Free: In line with modern dietary preferences, these gummies are crafted gluten-free, ensuring a delectable treat that’s suitable for a wide range of enthusiasts.


Commitment to Quality 

Nature’s Key places a strong emphasis on quality control. They carefully source their cannabis, ensuring that it meets strict standards for purity and potency. Every product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure patient safety and effectiveness. Stop by your nearest Craft Cannabis store to unlock all cannabis offers with Nature’s Key today!

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